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Why Family Portraits Are Essential!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Kids playing in the leaves of Fall.

How many times have you thought about having family portraits taken, only to put it off for different reasons. Too busy, more important things to do first, need to lose a few pounds, the kids are too small and too hyper, etc. While most of the reasons make sense, what inevitably happens is the portraits never get taken and you rely on cell phone pictures which are usually mediocre at best. Before you know it, the kids are grown or heaven forbid, someone is no longer with us.

Family portraits document and capture life and all the stages within. They document family growth and all the changes that happen through the years. One photograph can help preserve special memories as the photos are revisited 20 or 30 years later; memories which otherwise might be forgotten. Because life is never predictable and tomorrow is never promised, families should encapsulate that growth each year and freeze those moments to be passed on for generations. A lot changes in a year and kids grow fast. Too many times, I have heard people say, "I wish we had taken family portraits when the kids were young".

If your kids are active and like to run around, that's ok! Let's capture them doing what kids do! If we try too hard to force them to sit still, they will not be happy and it will show. It is important to capture them as they are, kids! Make it a fun experience!

boy playing during photoshoot

As your kids grow up, they will want to have family portraits to share with their children. Don't look back and wish you had family portraits to reflect upon. If it's something you want to do, let's make it happen!

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