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        PHOTO REPAIR      

Photo repair services start at just $35 + tax per photo.  Photos requiring extensive or complex repairs may cost more.  Feel free to contact me  for more information.

Colorization can be done for an additional fee. Because some photos may require much more time to color than others, the colorization fee can only be assessed after viewing the image. 

All repairs are done digitally. The process is as easy as you scanning the photo and emailing it to me.  Once completed, I will send you the completed image for your final approval. 

Things to consider when scanning a photo.  

Most older photos have very small particles of dust or debris that you may not see, but when scanned and enlarged, these things stand out.  Here are a few ways you can help prevent these issues:

  • Make sure scanner glass is clean and free from dust

  • Use a soft micro fiber cloth to gently wipe photo before scanning.

  • Hold photos at the edges to avoid getting fingerprints on them

  • If you intend to print the repaired image, scan it at the highest PPI


Small photos:

Small photos, especially older ones, do not have a lot of image pixel detail.  Though they may look great while small, once we try to enlarge them, those pixels enlarge as well and your photo may appear very pixelated or blocky. However, reducing a larger image is not a problem.

Issues that can't always be resolved:

Photos that are blurry will always be blurry, certain minor enhancements may help with sharpness, smoothening etc, but a poorly focused image or an image with motion blur is very difficult to fix.

Images that are very over exposed or blown out (extremely over exposed) have no detail to recover or work with.  At times, it may be possible to replace or recreate blown out areas, but recovering original detail is not possible.

Images that were printed on porous or textured surface, newspaper and canvas may be very problematic as well. While the damaged area may be repaired, the surface of the image will remain the same.

I will be happy to take a look at your photo and assess it for any issues free of charge.


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